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Gin Tonic with Meunier's Gin

Meunier releases its new Gin: powerful and aromatic!

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​​​​​Since 1809, the distillation of plants is the DNA of the Meunier. Plants from the Alps, such as genepi, but also from elsewhere, such as juniper berries, which we have been distilling since the end of the 19th century to produce a Gin. The latter has recently been updated, with a brand new packaging. Discover the history and the genesis of this new Gin Meunier!


History of Meunier Gin

Historical spirit of the Maison Meunier, this Gin is elaborated exclusively by distillation of plants in a neutral alcohol of agricultural origin, like a "London Dry Gin". No natural or artificial flavors are added after distillation. The same applies to sugar, as Gin Meunier is a strictly non-sugar distillate.

The recipe for this Gin has been updated the past few years, with the addition of botanicals bringing spicier notes. The result is a product with a lot of personality, thanks to spices such as cardamom, goji berry, or nutmeg. These spicy notes are a perfect match for the herbaceous and zesty profile of the original recipe, while bringing more roundness.

The 12 plants, seeds and spices distilled are organically grown, and are gradually infused in a neutral beet alcohol base made in France before being distilled in our copper Stupfler still in a single pass.

The distillate is then slowly rectified to 42% vol. with spring water drawn from the foot of the Vercors.

A very singular spirit that is unlike any other, and was even awarded a double gold medal at the San Francisco World Spirits Competition 2022.


The new packaging of this Gin 

Following the launch of its brand new visual identity, Maison Meunier wanted to modernize the bottle's packaging to more closely resemble this distillate with its strong character traits. 

As with the three Genépis liqueurs, the historic bottle was chosen for the new design of this Gin, with a label that promises to deliver a powerful and aromatic spirit.

A spirit to be enjoyed as Gin & Tonic, Mules, Negronis or Martinis or neat as a premium brandy. To be found at all our wine shop partners, or on the e-shop!

Gin Ginger Meunier
Gin Tonic Meunier

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