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Our values

At Meunier, we cherish a family heritage guaranteeing centuries’ old craftsmanship. This unique expertise is established through careful steps and processes, from Field to Bottle. We are especially keen to respect the gifts of nature and are attentive and respectful of our Alpine terroir. We strive to elaborate natural products, without compromising on quality, for spirits connoisseurs in search of finesse and aromatic nuances. We defend a reasonable and sustainable consumption of spirits, oriented towards the appreciation of flavours, which we believe to be the best remedy against the culture of binge drinking and “junk spirits”.

Famille Modelski
brassage cuve distillat alambic

Our commitment to exceptional quality

The production of our herbal distillates is a slow and complex process. We only use agricultural raw materials of French origin; we grow our own génépi flowers in Savoie whilst our other aromatic plants are organically grown in France; the neutral spirit is distilled from beets, cereals or wine by French cooperatives. We draw our water directly from the inter-municipal network to which the Distillery is connected, at the foothills of the Vercors. Distillation, maceration, blending and ageing operations are all carried out at our Distillery, as is bottling. We do not use any flavourings, colourings or preservatives.

How we source our packaging

We create our packagings with the prime objective of continuously limiting our environmental impact, assisted by our long-standing local partners. A glimpse into where we are in this journey, in all transparency.

Meunier Héritage
Screw Cap

Screw cap made from recycled aluminium in Italy (Piedmont). This light and strong material ensures our bottles are perfectly sealed and preserves our distillates.

Bottle and Sleeve

White glass bottle made in Italy (Verona). Compact and light, this bottle enables us to reduce our Co2 emissions during transport. Our bottle sleeves are made in France (Auvergne) from recycled paper; these are delivered flat, according to the needs of our distributors and retailers.


Self-adhesive paper label, made in France (Savoie). Our packagings are designed and created in France (Rhône).

cask herbal liqueur

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