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How to enjoy a Genepi Meunier?

Easy answer, "As you like it". For our part, we like to serve our Genepis slightly chilled, but not frozen, or on ice with a citrus zest. Discover them also in cocktails in creations or classics revisited by the best mixologists.

Why are some genepi liqueurs too sweet?

This is due to the production method. Some makers produce their liqueur by macerating genepi sprigs directly in alcohol. This method has the advantage of being simple and does not require specific tools or know-how. However, it is rarely satisfactory from a qualitative point of view since the maceration will extract very bitter essences from the plant which must be corrected by adding large quantities of sugar. This results in a liquor that is too bitter and too sweet. At Meunier, we have been crafting our Genepis by distillation for more than 200 years, which guarantees a balanced aromatic palette and the lowest sweetness on the market.

How to store a bottle of Genepi Meunier?

Unlike wine or champagne, a bottle of Génépi should be stored upright! Prolonged exposure to light may reduce the natural colour of Genepi Meunier Heitage and Altitude but will not alter their taste qualities. Finally, just like certain high-quality herbal liqueurs such as Chartreuse, Genepi Meunier continues to age once bottled: the different elements making up the liqueur continue to bind together over time, a process that brings unparalleled roundness during tasting.

Where can I find Genepi Meunier?

Our Genepis are marketed in wine stores, delicatessens and via our online store. You will not find our Genepis on the shelves of supermarkets: our production capacities do not allow it.

I am a wine merchant or catering professional and would like to distribute Genepis Meunier

We are distributed in France by l'Explorateur du Goût, whose teams will be happy to introduce you to Meunier.

Génépi, Génépy ou Genepy?

These three names refer to the same liqueur made from alpine plants and genepi, small species of artemisia. The terms "genepy" and "génépy" are more common in Italy, among producers in the Aosta and Piedmont valleys. At Meunier, we have been using the term "Genepi" or since 1809 to designate our liqueurs made from genepi.

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