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Our Heritage

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Arthur et Edouard Modelski


In 2021, the Distillery is transferred to Edouard and Arthur, who hereby become the third generation of the Modelski family to watch over the Maison Meunier.

Both connoisseurs of fine spirits and insatiable entrepreneurs, they strive to preserve the exceptional quality of the Maison’s distillates and to promote a new culture of consumption of the spirits produced at the Distillerie Meunier.

Meunier fields Savoie

Our own fields

After several months of research, the Distillerie Meunier begins to cultivate in Savoie, within the heart of the Vanoise massif, its very own genepy fields.

With the help of Thierry, a grower of aromatic plants, the Distillery aims to cover all of its plant needs by 2025, while prioritising quality over yield.

Magasin Distillerie Meunier

Moving Premises

The Maison Meunier leaves its historical premises of Voiron and la Buisse, which have become too small, to settle in a brand new site in Saint-Quentin-sur-Isère, at the foothills of the Vercors and Chartreuse mountain ranges.

This is also the time chosen by the House to renew its stills. From now on, Charentais pot stills crafted by Jean-Louis Stupfler will equip the Distillery.

Patrick Modelski

Patrick gets onboard

Following a number of years marketing the Maison’s products, Patrick Modelski takes over the reins of the Distillery.

At the time, the Distillerie Meunier experiences considerable growth, linked to the continuous development of tourism in the French Alps, in turn helping to increase the popularity of the Maison’s flagship product, the Génépi liqueur.

francois modelski

François, Master Distiller

After ten years of apprenticeship perfecting his craft, François, Eugene’s first son, becomes the new Master Distiller of the Maison Meunier.

Diligent and thorough, he would steward the Distillery’s products for over thirty years.

eugene modelski


Eugene Modelski, former Finance Director at the Compagnie Française de la Grande Chartreuse, takes over the Meunier Distillery.

A fine connoisseur of the wine and spirits’ sector and an excellent manager, he restructures the company's commercial network and ensures the continuity of operations amidst a less favourable economic environment.

médaille or expo meunier 1906


Under the stewardship of Henri Meunier, the Meunier Distillery and its plant distillates accumulate numerous medals and distinctions at various universal and international exhibitions, such as Paris, Brussels, Melbourne and Marseille

The Distillery’s liqueurs are then exported across Europe, from Spain to the Nordic countries via Great Britain.

distillerie meunier voiron c.1840

A. Meunier Mère & Fils

Charles Meunier, appointed tax collector for the city of Voiron, passes on his knowledge and recipes to his wife, Amable.

The latter, with the help of her children, establishes the Distillery in Voiron under the name A. Meunier Mère et Fils, and markets the Meunier Liqueurs, produced according to the recipes and processes created by her husband Charles.

genepi des alpes 2

Creating Genepi

Charles Meunier, a merchant in colonial products and fond of botany, establishes himself as a distiller by joining forces with Camille Teissere, a manufacturer of Ratafias and other liqueurs in Grenoble.

Charles tirelessly experiments and perfects a distillate of alpine plants and of genepi, hereby creating the first Génépi des Alpes.

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