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Genepi N1 Distillerie Meunier

Genepi Meunier liqueurs: what differences?

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For more than 200 years, Distillerie Meunier has been committed to extracting the quintessence of genepi and alpine plants through its know-how in cultivation, botany and distillation. Its new genepi collection offers a unique tasting experience through three different recipes. Each one has its own specificity, with intense taste and low sugar content.


Genepi N°1

Génépi N°1 is the original recipe of the genepi liqueur, as created by Charles Meunier in 1809. Its translucent color is its real particularity, which is the consequence of the assembly of distillates of genepi and a bouquet of 14 aromatic plants, without any addition of maceration. This is what gives it its true aromatic complexity. This distilled liqueur, whose formula is secret, has the highest alcohol content of all the Genepi Meunier.

Genepi N°1 is a wonderful alternative to traditional genepis, and a complete illustration of the know-how of the Maison Meunier through distillation.

To see the complete description of the Genepi N°1, click here.

Genepi Altitude

Genepi Altitude is the liqueur with the lowest sugar content of the three recipes. It is perfect for those who are looking for intensity, with lots of herbaceous and floral aromas. Its bottling at 42% vol. allows it to obtain a perfectly balanced blend, between intensity and finesse of flavors.

Génépi Altitude is an ideal base for aromatic cocktails with little sugar, but it is also an excellent Genepi for tasting, to be enjoyed slightly chilled.

To see the full description of Genepi Altitude, click here.

Genepi Héritage

Genepi Héritage is the most accessible in terms of taste, and the ideal liqueur to discover the aromas of genepi. It is balanced in sugar, as well as in plant aromas. Its particularity? In a nod to traditional methods, a flowery sprig of genepi continues its infusion in the liqueur and continues to diffuse its essences for several weeks after bottling.

Genepi Héritage sublimates the entire aromatic palette of genepi, from honeyed notes to more floral flavors.

To see the complete description of Génépi Heritage, click here.


Our three genepis can be enjoyed on their own, preferably slightly chilled (10-14°) or on ice, garnished with a zest of citrus fruit. We also like to recommend them in cocktails, to appreciate them in a new way. Don't hesitate to reproduce our genepi cocktail recipes at home!


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