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Low proof, long drinks: new cocktail trends

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For several years, consumers have been changing their consumption habits: they are turning to natural, healthier, less sweet and locally made products... the consumption of alcoholic beverages, too, is following this movement. Focus on new cocktail trends and their specificities!


Drink less, but drink better

The so-called “low proof”, “low ABV” or “low alcohol” cocktails are low in alcohol and meet this trend to consume less alcohol. They have, in recent years, taken the lead on stronger cocktails.

The term “low proof” is used to describe a cocktail that has a low degree of alcohol. This type of cocktail can be made using as a base product such as vermouths or certain liqueurs, with a low degree of alcohol. The alternative is to use more alcoholic but also very concentrated ingredients such as herbal liqueurs, certain brandies and premium Gin. These high-quality alcohols have a very good aromatic persistence and therefore withstand dilution well when mixed with other non-alcoholic ingredients.

Most often, “low proof” cocktails are “long drinks”, served in glasses of more than 150 ml, made up of a small quantity of very aromatic alcoholic beverage such as genepi and lengthened with a “soft” drink such as sparkling water or soda. Diluting the alcohol makes the cocktail more pleasant and thirst-quenching.

Cocktail Alpenstock Meunier
Cocktail Ciel Rose Meunier
Cocktail Mont Gingembre Meunier
fleur fleur

Genepi reinvents itself in cocktails

Usually, genepi liqueur is consumed as digestif or cordial because the plants that make up the distillate have digestive properties. It is also very pleasant at this precise moment, because it has a long and fresh final note.

Today, genepi is also consumed as an aperitif and in cocktails.

Maison Meunier has worked with passionate mixologists to develop cocktails whose main ingredient is genepi. The recipes are very easy to reproduce and make at home. A new way to appreciate Meunier genepi!

Discover below two of our recipes for low proof cocktails based on genepi:

- Ciel Rose : a fresh and fruity cocktail
- Mont Gingembre : a spicy, gourmet and sparkling cocktail

Also discover all our genepi-based cocktail creations by clicking here !

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