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5 misconceptions about genepi

fleur fleur

Genepi or genepy is a liqueur - and above all an alpine plant - which certain prejudices sometimes make life hard for it. Focus today on five of these received ideas, to restore the image of this drink sometimes decried.

1/ Genepi is drunk frozen

Ideally, and contrary to what one might think, genepi should not be drunk frozen. Indeed, the cold tends to attenuate the aromas of the most delicate plants, playing an anesthetic role.

We therefore recommend a tasting temperature between 10 and 14 degrees, i.e. slightly cooled. You will thus feel the multiple aromas and perfumes of the different plants that make up the distillate.

To do this, all you have to do is place your bottle of genepi in your refrigerator an hour before tasting it, and you're done.

2/ Genepi is very sweet

There are two ways to extract the aromas from genepi (as we have explained to you in this article). Thus, with extraction by maceration, which is the most common process, the infusion obtained is mixed with sugar to compensate for the excess bitterness. With this technique, the genepi liqueurs obtained are often very sweet and bitter.

To avoid this, it is preferable to choose an extraction method by distillation (the one used by Maison Meunier) which makes it possible to obtain a balanced genepi distillate, with lots of aromas and a low sugar content.

3/ Genepi is a cordial

By tradition and Savoyard customs, genepi has long been consumed as a digestive. Indeed, genepi liqueur has a long and fresh final note on the palate, which gives it a slightly minty flavor, perfect for finishing a meal. Also, the plants that make up the distillate have digestive properties.

Today, genepi can be enjoyed as an aperitif, alone on ice like an Old Fashioned, or in cocktails. Here you will find different recipes to reproduce at home very easily!

4/ Genepi is a green coloured liquor

Despite what can sometimes be observed, the natural colour of genepi liqueur obtained by infusion in water and alcohol is amber yellow, tinged with green reflections. If you have seen lemon yellow or emerald green genepi liqueurs, there is a good chance that these are made with artificial food coloring.

You should also know that a génépi made solely from a plant distillate will be translucent, as is our Génépi Meunier N°1, the original recipe.

5/ Genepi is an eau-de-vie

While some liqueurs can contain brandies as ingredients, genepi liqueur is not one and does not contain any. It is actually made from a neutral alcohol of agricultural origin (most often beetroot or grain) flavored by distillation of plants in a still.

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