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Suc des Glaciers of Distillerie Meunier

The comeback of Suc des Glaciers!

fleur fleur

Since 1809, Maison Meunier has preserved a unique know-how in culture, botany and distillation. Quality is the key word for each of our plant liqueurs, with their unique flavors and very singular characteristics. Among these, one recipe stands out for its great freshness. This recipe is the Suc des Glaciers, a historical product of the Maison Meunier, well known by the most faithful. Discover its new bottle!


A wind of freshness from the Alps

The great specificity of Suc des Glaciers is the glacial mint, which gives it an unequalled freshness and a unique personality. It combines the flowery aromas of alpine plants, in particular Genepi Artemisia Umbelliformis, with the freshness of the glacial mint.

The liqueur is obtained by slow distillation in our copper Stupfler still.

Suc des Glaciers has been given a new look with a new blue glass bottle and a modernized but still traditional label, to remind the historical side of this product, so dear to the Maison Meunier.

Some may notice that the old liqueur's color was blue, and that it is now transparent and crystal clear. Indeed, we simply made the choice to remove the blue coloring present in the old recipe. The ingredients, the process of elaboration and the taste remain totally unchanged. A herbaceous, floral and minty taste, true to the Suc des Glaciers!


How to enjoy it ?

As a digestive, very cold or on ice, or as an aperitif with a dash of sparkling water, Suc des Glaciers can be enjoyed at different times.

On ice
In an Old Fashioned glass filled with ice cubes, pour 4cl of Suc des Glaciers. Stir and enjoy.

Suc & Perrier
In a Tumbler-type glass or a simple wine glass filled with ice cubes, pour 4cl of Suc des Glaciers. Add a dash of sparkling water.

Keep your Suc des Glaciers in the freezer to enjoy it pure and frosted, in a digestif glass or in a simple wine glass.


Suc des Glaciers can be found on our e-shop or at our wine shop partners throughout France. Go here to find the one closest to you!


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